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There are many great reasons to join the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin.

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Membership benefits include:

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Your membership includes access to three organizations.

  • Home Builders Association (HBA) of Greater Austin.
  • Texas Association of Builders (TAB). Visit website.
  • The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Visit website.

Three memberships mean advocacy and promotion of the home building industry and your business on a local, state and national level.

Make a positive impact on the homebuilding industry and the local economy through your participation and support of HBA events. View Calendar.

Promote and market yourself and your business to other members and the general public.

Educate yourself and your employees on issues facing the local industry, through classes and seminars, and with HBA news and communications. Read more.

The HBA offers several cost-effective insurance plans for general liability, builders’ risk, health and other insurance needs.

Group Health Insurance Plan for HBA Members

Recently the HBA launched a new group health insurance plan with One Digital, Metlife. The program rates average 20 to 30 percent lower than the same plan in the regular market, and there are substantial savings even for very large companies. The association plan is administered under one contract with nine plan options: six PPOs and three HSAs. You can offer as many of these plans as options to your employees as you want. In addition to the underwriting advantage, the program is written as one large group and therefore benefits from price advantages because of its size. The size and favorable loss ratio of the program are beneficial for companies on the renewal. Instead of moving every year or two, it can provide you low cost, high quality, and long term solutions to your company’s healthcare needs.

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