The HBA of Greater Austin’s education efforts center on advancing the practice and professionalism of the home building industry.

The HBA offers education programming for all ranges of home building industry professionals – from new hires, to sales and marketing professionals, to seasoned contractors.  Members looking to increase their knowledge and professionalism can benefit from programs on the latest building and energy codes, contracts, accounting and business practices, and many other topics and trainings unique to the home building industry.

The HBA education efforts also support programs that promote and educate the future individuals of the home building industry.  The HBA of Greater Austin has strategic partnerships with specialty trades programs in both secondary and higher education including: Austin Community College, Texas State University, Texas A&M University as well as local high schools.

The HBA, through these partnerships works to promote the industry as a profession and connect the students in various education programs with industry professionals and future employment opportunities.

The HBA offers dozens of hours of professional education each year. For a list of upcoming courses, see our course calendar

NAHB Student Chapters

The HBA of Greater Austin sponsors two local NAHB student chapters at Austin Community College and the University of Texas at Austin. Student chapter members are consistently looking for various internships and jobs with HBA member firms to fullfill their academic requirements and hopefully gain permanent positions upon graduation. The HBA offers student chapter members the chance to attend HBA general education courses at half price.

Building Your Business Series

In 2019, we introduce our Professional Development Series, Building Your Business, for associates and builders to increase their “soft skills.” Convening monthly, our drop-in series will cover such topics as Public Speaking, Advocacy, How to Utilize Social Media in your Marketing Efforts, and Raising Your Profile in the Community. The classes are designed to increase your business sensibilities, your civic engagement and your community awareness.

January 25
Build Your Voice: Developing Your Delivery Style

Is a fear of public speaking preventing you from getting the most out of your communication interactions (or sub “limiting your career)? Although an estimated 75% of people rank public speaking as their number one fear, you can learn how to handle your nerves and maximize your overall presence. Join us for an instructor-led class on practical public speaking techniques, including improving your vocals, posture, gestures, and content. Personalized videotaping exercise included. We will offer 2 class sessions, 12 max per class. Speaker: Christine Richards, MSM

February 25
Building Your Voice: Advocacy Training

We all have positions especially about decisions impacting our businesses. But what can we do to impact change in our community? ADVOCATE! This class will address the WHO, WHAT, and WHY of effective advocacy.  Where to go, how to check in to a hearing, make an appointment, organize your testimony, and how the process of passing laws works. Peel back the mystery and make your voice heard!

May 21
Build Your Brand: Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn…

What are they each used for? What are you trying to accomplish and what is the best platform to accomplish that? We will cover how to find your audience, craft your message, as well as some technical how tos in order to communicate effectively.

June 18
Building Your Network: Working with the Media

Want to raise the profile of your industry in the public’s attention?

Learn from members of the Greater Austin Media community what makes news according to their mode of distribution (radio, TV, newspaper, blogs).  Then we will talk with PR professionals on strategies to create and pitch news stories, as well as the difference between paid and earned media.

August 22
Build Your Network: Raising Your Community Profile

Want to get more involved in your community but unsure how to begin? This class is for you! Serving on a Board or Commission is one of the best ways you can learn about your area while using and increasing your professional skills to the benefit of your community. Serving on a board or commission allows you to voice your concerns and influence decisions that shape your communities. Learn what opportunities are available for serving on Boards & Commissions in your city, county and for the State of Texas. 

September 12
Build Your Knowledge: Civics 101

Can’t quite remember what you learned in High School Government Class? Feel like you need a refresher with all that is happening in Washington DC, at the legislature in Austin, and in the chambers of your city hall? This class is for you!

Government has the power to regulate, impose fees, and establish the processes and procedure within which you must operate your business.  Learn what branches are responsible for what activities, who does what, and how you can better engage to be a more effective advocate for your business.

October 22
Build Your Knowledge: What Does it Take to Run for Office?

Ever wonder what it takes to run for office? Not sure which office you would run for to really make a difference on the issues you are passionate about? This class will explore what it takes to run, and win, elective office. District demographics, timing factors, and writing a campaign plan will all be covered. 

November 14
Building Your Knowledge: Fundraising

Whether it’s for your kid’s school, church, passion project, or for community aid, everyone should know the basics of raising money. This class will cover the basics of “the ask,” as well as provide tips for success depending on what your goals are.

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