June 3, 2021

87th Legislature Draws to a Close

87th Legislative Session Draws to a Close

Session is winding down and all eyes are on the Texas Legislature to learn what will ultimately become new law.  However, there are still many issues locally that the HBA is actively engaged in.  Here is a quick update on some of those issues:

Radiant barrier shortage – the HBA is very close to coming to an agreement with the City of Austin on providing some relief for builders who are having issues finding radiant barrier, which is required by the City’s building codes.  This week, we expect that Development Services Department will issue a memo that will give builders alternatives that still meet the City’s energy goals.

Austin Energy’s new power pole clearance rule – the HBA has held several meetings with Austin Energy to discuss their new power pole clearance rule that increases the required space around the pole to 15’.  Austin Energy is currently considering alternatives to the rule.  The HBA is also meeting with policy makers and commissioners about the rule.

Stakeholder meetings with Oncor – At our last Developers Council meeting, it was brought to the HBA’s attention that there have been some difficulties getting electricity out to new developments.  The HBA has reached out to Oncor to schedule a series of stakeholder meetings with the goal of working through the issues that developers are facing.