May 12, 2020

Why Membership is More Important Than Ever

HBA members and prospective members,

I would like to take the time to write a letter of thanks to the HBA for all the hard work that has been accomplished as we move through the COVID 19 Pandemic.  The non-stop efforts to keep Austin safe and keep Austin building does not go unnoticed.  While the construction community has been tasked with new challenges gravitating our way through a new normal it has been a smoother process with clear and precise direction the HBA has provided.  The continuity of information through the following have been unmatched by any other organization. 

Daily updates, e-blasts, and webinars including:

  • Critical updates from federal, state, county, and city officials
  • Daily updates from the Texas Association of Builders and the National Home Builders Association
  • Links to various shelter in place orders
  • Updates from city and county development service departments as they change their operations
  • Webinars from HBA’s legal counsel on multiple employer-related issues

COVID-19 landing page with important industry information

  • Changes to operations across 30 cities and six counties
  • Safety guidance and documents from local jurisdictions, state, CDC, OSHA, TAB and NAHB
  • Financial resources from local jurisdictions, state, and federal government
  • Shelter in place orders
  • Links to daily HBA email updates
  • Relevant news articles about construction

Sharing safety materials and best practices

  • Coordinating a national jobsite safety stand down
  • Working with city and county officials to develop safety guidelines
  • Coordinating information and safety materials among other industry organizations
  • Distributing official safety materials from city, county, state, and CDC / OSHA, NAHB


Communicating directly with city and county officials

  • Multiple letters to elected officials
    • Joint letter from multiple construction organizations
    • Letter from HBA urging construction be deemed essential
    • Letter from HBA about impact to families
    • Form letter for members to send to elected officials
  • Multiple meetings with County Judge, Mayor, and public health officials


Serving on Opening Central Texas for Business Task Force

  • Task force organized by the County Judge and Mayor
  • ¼ of the Construction Subcommittee is made up of HBA members
    • Other members include commercial builders, advocates, and attorneys
  • Task Force will provide recommendations to the County and City on ways to open back up the region safely

The HBA was instrumental in classifying construction as an essential service.  The HBA has been here for its members and now it is time for the members to be here for the HBA!  While many businesses have been impacted by COVID-19 the HBA NEEDS members to continue to provide the advocacy and services.  Renewals are needed and are necessary.   Mail service has been sluggish taking up to 2 weeks.  If there has been a change of address or employee turnover, please contact to update records.  Invoices can be found and paid with credit card through the member portal.  Contact Director of Membership, Penni Hafer, for questions/concerns. 

If you have a friend in business who benefited from you passing on the updates provided by the HBA urge them to join.  We need the help more than ever.  I encourage each of you to utilize services of other members.  It is in times of uncertainty we can show the true power of the HBA and what we can all accomplish together.  Let’s help each other and keep the HBA thriving.  If you are unable to join you can make a one-time donation to show your appreciation of the great accomplishments made in this time.

John Jones
Scott Felder Homes
HBA Board VP of  Membership