May 29, 2020

Texas Congressman Michael McCaul Speaks to HBA Members

On May 27, the HBA was honored to host a virtual meeting with Texas Congressman Michael McCaul whose push to designate construction as essential has allowed our industry to stay operational during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the call, Congressman McCaul addressed several topics including the PPP program, the investigation into China’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak, and how to address America’s reliance on China. He spoke in particular about how this challenging situation has put a spotlight on America’s need to break its dependence on China, specifically in the pharmaceutical and medical supply and manufacturing and high-tech industries, stating that we “need America in driver’s seat when it comes to manufacturing.” To this end, he is working on a bill with U.S Senator John Cornyn to incentivize these industry leaders to pull supply chains out of China and bring them back home.

He also shared that he currently serves on a task force taking a deep dive into what happened in Wuhan, how the pandemic originated and how to prevent a similar situation from happening again. In particular, they are investigating intelligence showing that China intentionally ignored rules put in place to prevent a pandemic, as well as the silencing of doctors, destruction of testing samples and their refusal to acknowledge human-to-human transmission of the disease.

Before taking a few questions, the Congressman, and fourth generation Texan, spoke of his ties to the construction industry, reminiscing about his experience tying rebar at construction sites as a way to earn his way through college.

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