April 30, 2020

Consider a Donation to Wonders & Worries

Make a Difference to Families During One of the Most Difficult Times in Their Lives.

Wonders & Worries is a wonderful Austin non-profit that provides free, professional mental health support to children and teenagers during a parent’s serious physical illness. Imagine having to tell your child about your cancer diagnosis, recurring heart condition or other devastating illness – how difficult this conversation, and the aftermath, would be. As you can imagine, learning this news often negatively affects children, increasing their risks for behavioral, emotional and academic problems. It can also interfere with personal relationships and cause extreme stress. Wonders & Worries and their child life staff of pediatric healthcare professionals clinically steps in to offer support through their Six-Session Illness Education and Coping Curriculum. Only magnified during the current coronavirus outbreak, their work is now more important than ever.

While W&W has quickly adapted to providing their services virtually to any family who needs help, donations are hard to come by at this time. Consider donating to help with their important mission. You’ll be glad you did! Additionally, if you know someone who would benefit from these services, please contact W&W today. www.wondersandworries.org