March 6, 2020

Member Spotlight: StrucSure

For more than two decades, StrucSure Home Warranty, LLC has provided third-party, insurance-backed warranties to builders and other construction-related contractors across the United States. Jerry Thompson, Founder and CEO, saw the need for a program that was different from the rest… one that would provide outstanding customer service and be completely responsive to client and homeowner needs while providing excellent coverage at a reasonable fee. Thus, StrucSure was born. Today, their flagship warranty programs include coverage on new construction for workmanship and materials; wiring, piping and ductwork; and structural defects. They also offer custom warranty programs for other consumer-driven businesses in the construction, restoration, and remediation industries. Warranty coverage from StrucSure protects clients from expensive claims, liabilities, and legal fees, while offering clients peace-of-mind through third-party, insurance-backed warranty protection. An A-rated reinsurance backing from Lloyd’s of London, offers clients additional confidence and trust in their warranty products and protection. For more information on StrucSure, visit

Thank you StrucSure for being an HBA Member since 2008!