February 19, 2020

Update on Austin Land Development Code Revision

On February 13th, Austin City Council approved the land development code revision on second reading.  Note that the code must be approved one more time, on third reading, before it is formally adopted.  While there many gains made during the second reading debate, there is still much work to be done to ensure that Austin adopts a code that will accommodate growth and facilitate transit.

Some highlights of second reading include:

  • An interdepartmental review of criteria manuals and future rule changes
  • More flexibility with zoning limits if the applicant can demonstrate that a non-zoning regulation is preventing them from getting as many units as the zoning would otherwise allow
  • Reduced minimum lot sizes for some missing middle housing types
  • More flexibility with housing types in missing middle zones
  • Additional exemptions for impervious cover calculations

The office of the City Clerk wants your feedback. The comment period ends today. Please forward all questions and/or comments to David.Gonzalez@austintexas.gov. Comments on the posted rules must be received prior to the end of the comment period.

More details on proposed rules