February 13, 2020

HBA Hosts First in a Series of Webinars

On February 12, the HBA hosted the first in a series of webinars planned for this year. Presented by The Fowler Law Firm, the topic covered was “The Most Expensive Mistakes Builders Make Than Can Easily be Avoided.” During the 45-minute webinar, three speakers from the firm went over a series of 10 important questions designed to educate industry business owners on best practices for setting up and running a smooth operation. Questions included:

  • What are the LEGAL  names of all  who own or control your business?
  • Does your team  need an occupational license or certificate to operate?
  • When your owners, managers or certificate holders cannot perform their duties, due to illness, incapacity, incarceration or death, what is your plan?
  • What entity is best for a Texas homebuilder who owns land?
  • Why is it dangerous  to misclassify an employee as an  independent contractor?
  • Why will builders who understand the tax laws make more money in 2020?
  • When you lien it, do you really, really mean it?   
  • Is your business insured when your employees use vehicles they own?
  • Are you aware of the two most powerful and dangerous tools in all of Texas Homebuilder Law?
  • How can you stop others from stealing you trade names, customers, employees?

The full webinar may be found at the link below:


Save the Date for the next webinar on March 25 “The Benefits of Second Chance Hiring” presented by Hank Perret of the Travis County Reentry Roundtable. Register here