November 1, 2019

Member Spotlight: SiteRite

Construction sites can be messy and disorganized, sometimes for weeks or months on end. Items like doors, windows, bathtubs, yard trimmings and other refuse pile up each day. Enter SiteRite. This job site maintenance company is filling a growing niche that saves time, money and headaches for everyone involved in the home building or remodeling process. In short, they take care of the small issues that always come up during these projects.

For example, a large tree limb falls unexpectedly at the job site. It is in the way of construction and must be removed promptly. This means calling out and waiting for an expensive arborist or having site workers take time out of their day to cut up and haul away the waste. SiteRite can take care of this type of issue in a jiffy and with no disposal fee.

SiteRite also can ensure that the ‘curb appeal’ of the work site is neat and tidy, a welcome sight for the homeowners and their neighbors alike.

Brett McGinnis is the founder of SiteRite. After running a landscaping business and working as a contractor’s assistant, he saw day to day the impact a site’s cleanliness had on the project as a whole and SiteRite was born. For more information about SiteRite, visit