October 30, 2019

Austin HBA Awarded Substantial Grant from NAHB’s State & Local Issues Fund

As part of our efforts to work on the City of Austin’s new land development code, the HBA has been awarded a substantial grant to cover the costs of participating in the Evolve Austin Coalition activities.  Evolve Austin is a coalition of more than 30 business, industry and non-profit stakeholders who are working together for a more housing-friendly building environment. 

The Imagine Austin comprehensive plan was created with the input of thousands of residents over a nine-month period in 2009. In 2012, Austin’s City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Plan, a living, working document driven by public participation to chart a future of opportunity, community, and inclusiveness. Ultimately, the goal of Evolve Austin is to help create a more affordable, mobile and sustainable city.

The grant application included information about the history of the last code rewrite, CodeNEXT, an assessment of the current code rewrite, and a detailed plan on how the money would be spent to further the HBA’s mission.  The grant funds will be spent on critical advocacy tools such as modeling, testing and public outreach.

The grant vetting process was extremely competitive, and not all applications were funded.  Special thanks are warranted for your HBA Government Relations Committee Member volunteers, and David Glenn, your HBA Director of Government Relations, for their tireless efforts to protect HBA Member interests.