September 3, 2019

Member Spotlight: Wick Marketing

Builders and developers need a partner to help clarify their vision and bring homes to life in a way that ultimately generates sales. In business since 1995 in Texas, California, Florida, Nevada and Washington, this is Wick Marketing’s specialty.

A client-centric agency, Wick develops creative, customized strategies and tactics to accomplish your objectives. What it doesn’t do is shoehorn your unique needs into a predetermined program created for someone else.

At the highest level, Wick is here to make its clients look good. Wick has builder-specific expertise in identifying, nurturing and converting sweet spot customers who will value your offering. Utilizing market research and competitive analysis, along with tailored digital and traditional strategies, Wick helps your brand reach its full potential.

Barbara Wray is the Director of Growth & Innovation at Wick Marketing. Her experience and passion for the homebuilding and master plan developer markets have earned her a reputation for effectiveness in building and managing trusted relationships with clients and collaborative partners, contributing to the success of Wick’s clients. Connect with her at or (512) 479-9834.