September 5, 2019

HBA and Evolve Austin hosts city staff for Q&A on land development code rewrite

Last week, the HBA and its Evolve partners hosted Annick Beaudet and other staff members to get an update on the City’s land development code rewrite.  Annick was tapped to serve as the project manager by City Manager Spencer Cronk.  She has assembled a diverse, cross-departmental team to ensure that the new code doesn’t conflict with itself.  Guided by the City Council’s May 2 policy document, she and her team have been working diligently on the new code with an anticipated release date of October 4. 

A few key highlights from the meeting:

  • The City is hiring a master editor to aggregate each department’s amendments to the code.
  • The City is working on a “site plan light” process for smaller missing middle housing.
  • The accompanying criteria manuals will not be released on 10/4 with the rest of the code.
  • The city is open to sharing its modeling with the development community to review for accuracy.

If you have any questions, please contact David Glenn, Director of Government Relations at