September 5, 2019

City of Austin and Travis County roll out HB 3167 compliance

On September 1, HB 3167, along with hundreds of other bills, went into effect in the State of Texas.  The City of Austin and Travis County have been working closely together on new ordinances to bring them into compliance with the new law. 

Both jurisdictions will be using a form of completeness check prior to accepting an application.  They will also map out a calendar timeline from application acceptance to final approval, with the appropriate land use commission approvals in between.  This means that once an application is complete and accepted, the applicant will know exactly when their application will be heard at the land use commissions. 

There are still some details that need to be worked out, including better coordination between city commissions and county commissioners court, as well as the timing of other non-city/county requirements like TxDOT permits, and CLOMRs and LOMRs.

The City and County have noted that the next few months may be challenging while the industry and jurisdictions adjust to the new process.  Both jurisdictions have indicated that this is a work in progress and have encouraged builders and developers to provide feedback so that any necessary adjustments can be made.

If you have any questions, please contact David Glenn, Director of Government Relations at