August 22, 2019

Advocacy Update: 8-26-2019

Williamson County Subdivision Regulations Subcommittee Meets to Discuss Proposed Changes
The Williamson County Subdivision Regulations Subcommittee met on Monday for the third time to discuss the County’s subdivision regulations, including flood regulations, subdivision design, and road design.

Additionally, the Subcommittee will be reviewing the County’s proposed development process changes in order to become compliant to HB 3167.  HB 3167 prescribes strict timelines for approval for plats and development plans.

HBA Testifies at City of Kyle Council Meeting on Re-inspection Fee Increase
The City of Kyle’s 2019-2020 budget includes several fee hikes.  City staff is proposing increasing the reinspection fee from $63 to $185, tripling today’s costs.  Given the average amount of re-inspections on a home during the build, it is expected that this increase will add approximately $1,000 to the price of home.

The HBA testified at last Wednesday’s City Council meeting to voice concerns about that specific fee.  The HBA is also working with several builders to arrange a meeting to discuss this fee and other issues with the development process.

HBA Meets with Travis County to Discuss HB 3167
As Texas cities and counties continue to wrestle with compliance for HB 3167, the HBA has arranged a meeting with Travis County to learn more about their compliance plan.  The meeting will be held jointly with the Austin Contractors & Engineers Association.  The bill goes into effect September 1, and Travis County is hoping to have the new process in order before the effective date.

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