July 18, 2019

Volume Builders Council discusses new legislation – HB 2439

The Volume Builders Council and area building officials had a round table discussion about how HB 2439 will affect development in their respective communities.  As a reminder, HB 2439 prohibits a city from requiring brand specific building materials for residential construction that are more strict than current ICC codes.

One concern that cities have been asking the HBA and members is, does this mean that builders will suddenly drastically change the type and quality of homes that they have previously been building?  Or will builders continue to build the same type and quality that they have previously been building in the community?  The general consensus from the most recent Volume Builders Council is that builders will continue to offer high quality homes with the requisite architectural features that the customer demands, letting the market drive how a home should look in the community. 

For more information, contact David Glenn, Director of Government Relations at david@hbaaustin.com.