July 25, 2019

The fight against mandatory paid sick leave continues with a new San Antonio court case

After the City of Austin passed a mandatory paid sick leave ordinance in 2018, several Texas legislators began drafting legislating to preempt the ordinance at the state level.  However, during negotiations, language resembling the failed “bathroom bill” from the 2017 session was added to the bill.  This language ultimately caused the bill to fail, leaving the court system to decide the fate of these local ordinances.

A coalition of business groups, including the Associated Builders & Contractors of South Texas and the San Antonio restaurant and manufacturers associations, has filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming the ordinance is an unconstitutional violation of the state’s minimum wage act. The ordinance was to take effect Aug. 1, but the litigation may delay that. The coalition has asked a court in Bexar County to block the law’s implementation.

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