July 11, 2019

Why the HBA HomePAC is important to you

HomePAC is the HBA’s autonomous, non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) administered by a Board of Trustees.  HomePAC’s purpose is to raise money to contribute to issue and candidate campaigns supportive of the housing industry.  With increasing rules and regulations being imposed by different levels of government across six counties, the HBA needs the political clout to make a difference in the election process. 

The HomePAC is an essential advocacy tool in the HBA toolkit when it comes to increasing political influence in the greater Austin area.  If you’re a homebuilder or work in the homebuilding industry, the most important decisions affecting your business are made by elected officials.  By combining industry resources, the HomePAC is able to affect decisions made at the city, county, and state level by educating elected officials on issues that are important to our industry.  There is no limit to what an individual may contribute to HomePAC. 

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