July 2, 2019

Member Spotlight: Housecheck

New HBA member Nathan Day who leads the energy management arm of Housecheck, a national home inspection, data and real estate technology company whose philosophy is to protect the value, health and safety of the home and those within it.

Housecheck also offers environmental services to areas affected by floods, high humidity, and radon gas and Housefax is our latest rollout. It’s a report comprised of a comprehensive and proprietary data search on properties. The Housecheck Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit we started to address abuse in the home. It deserves a spotlight of its own.

My division, Housetrack, is a device that provides data on electricity usage on a per circuit level. Our app gives your customers the ability to check their energy usage in real time as well as receive weekly reports. The device allows the homeowner to monitor and take advantage of the energy efficient homes you already build. There are A.I. software upgrades planned to predict appliance failure and remind them of maintenance tasks before they become a warranty claim or worse. It’s like having a check engine light for the home, and a great selling tool for you.

Houscheck will be expanding their services from the resale market to the new-home sector and is looking to talk to home builders, remodelers, solar installers, real estate agents and developers. Nathan has also joined the HBA membership committee and looks forward to meeting other members all at HBA events.

For more information, visit: https://housecheck.com/local/austin-tx