July 11, 2019

City of Bastrop City Council hears recommendations from Planning & Zoning on B3 Code

The Bastrop City Council held a joint meeting with the Planning & Zoning Commission to go over the Commission’s recommendations on the new land development code, called the B3 Code.  Prior to the meeting, the HBA submitted formal comments highlighting the positive aspects of the draft code, including:

  • Annual review of the code, allowing for adjustments to be made to problem areas
  • Formalizing of pre-submittal meetings, which removes some of the guesswork when developing a concept plan

There were also many areas of concern, including:

  • Questions about market viability of the new form-based code
  • Lack of criteria manuals to complement the code
  • New parkland requirements and tree regulations

The Council has extended the timeline for review at the request of the HBA and other stakeholders.  They are also setting up a round table meeting where builders, developers, city staff, and their consultants can go page-by-page through the code to discuss issues.

Additionally, the HBA is hosting its HBA Goes Local Event in Bastrop to discuss the B3 code.  Information for that event can be found here.

For more information, contact David Glenn, Director of Government Relations at david@hbaaustin.com.