May 24, 2019

New Census Data Shows Everything Really Is Bigger in Texas

From the US News & World Report

Texas leads the nation for fastest-growing cities, with half of the top 10 in the Lone Star State, according to new population estimates for cities and towns released by the U.S. Census Bureau Thursday.

Looking at the top 15 with rapid growth, Texas also rules, with seven cities and towns whose populations are 50,000 or more reflected in the new 2018 data. And, of the 10 cities with the largest numeric increase in population, Texas again is the only state with four making the list: San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin and Frisco.

Unlike cities and states that are losing residents, the challenges of such sweeping growth affect all areas of life. For a state long stereotyped as populated by cowboys on horseback riding across the prairie, Texas has become a microcosm of the nation’s future. Just how to deal with these growing cities and suburbs means increased demand as state agencies that provide infrastructure and transportation, education and housing, services and more grapple with the state’s economic success.

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