May 2, 2019

Member Spotlight: Stallion Funding

New HBA member, Stallion Funding, is a private real estate finance company that specializes in providing real estate loans from $250,000 to $5 million. Our capital is sourced from the Stallion Texas Real Estate Fund, enabling us to be a direct lender and make quick decisions to fund real estate projects. With over 13 years of experience lending in all major Texas markets, Stallion Funding has been a trusted source of financing among builders, real estate investors, and entrepreneurs.

We have funded more than $300 million of real estate transactions in Texas alone. Since 2007, our emphasis continues to be funding loans which banks or traditional lenders have difficulty financing because of timing, complexity, or other factors.

Stallion Funding will lend up to 70% loan to value, using the as-is, after repaired, or after completed value. We offer capital for projects ranging from single family residences to multi-million dollar commercial and residential developments. Our suite of loan programs gives the borrower ultimate flexibility and matches them with our best rates and terms. Stallion Funding offers the following loan programs:

• New Construction/Development Loan
• Land Acquisition/Development Loan
• Cash out/Bridge Loan
• Rehab (fix and flip) Loan
• Soft Money/Rental Loan

Vincent Balagia, founder and Chief Investment Officer at Stallion Funding, created the company in 2007 after seeing a clear void in the market for fast and reliable real estate financing. Stallion Funding has the ability to close within days compared to most banks and larger institutions requiring at least 30-45 days. And because Stallion Funding underwrites its loans based on the property’s value rather than the borrower’s credit score, Stallion Funding can often say, “Yes,” when the banks say, “No.