May 10, 2019

Bastrop hosts another Code Rodeo, showcasing more details of new code

The City of Bastrop hosted another Code Rodeo, where they gave more insight into the direction that the city is taking its land development code rewrite  At this presentation, the public got a glimpse into the housing forms, street and neighborhood layouts, as well as architectural design and pattern guidelines. 

Some key points include:

  • The city plans to hire a city architect, but it is not yet clear what their role will be in the development process.
  • A pattern book is being created to guide development in different areas throughout the city.
  • Character neighborhoods will be established, and development will be required to “fit” into the neighborhood.

The city will be releasing its first draft of the code on May 24th.  The HBA will review and comment on the code throughout the process.

For more information, contact David Glenn, Director of Government Relations and Policy at