April 26, 2019

City of Austin begins discussions on Land Development Code in earnest

Last Tuesday, the Austin city council held a work session where they brought forward general concerns and amendment packages ahead of last Thursday’s meeting, where the council took their first round of votes on the issue.  The city manager requested direction from the council on how the new code should be drafted.  It comes as no surprise that there are drastic areas of disagreement among the council.  The meeting lasted well into the night, adjourning shortly before midnight.

The HBA and other Evolve members have worked diligently to meet with city council offices, providing policy and position papers along the way.  Ultimately, the council adopted many of our recommendations, but most of the tougher items were punted to a special called meeting that will take place sometime this week. 

Next, the city manager will take the policies established by council and draft a new land development code for the city.  We anticipate the draft coming back to council this fall, as the council hopes to approve a final code by the end of 2019.

For more information, contact David Glenn, Director of Government Relations and Policy at david@hbaaustin.com.