March 29, 2019

HB 3167, the HBA’s “development shot clock” bill, is set for a hearing tomorrow

The HBA has partnered with Houston Representative Tom Oliverson (R-Cypress) to push a bill that will make the development process more predictable across the state. HB 3167 will limit a city or county’s ability to re-review portions of a plan that were not initially found to be deficient. It will also tighten the timelines for a city or county to issue a response once a plan is submitted. The bill is designed to add more predictability and timeliness to the development process. 
The bill is up for its initial hearing tomorrow in the Land & Resources Committee at 8:00am. The committee is chaired by former Speaker Tom Craddick, a Republican out of Midland, TX. The make up of the committee is five Republicans and four Democrats. The HBA’s stakeholder group has met with the members of the committee ahead of the hearing to answer any initial questions committee members may have.
The stakeholder group has also met with the Governor and Lt. Governor who are in support of the bill. They view this as an opportunity to address “local control gone bad,” which is a common theme throughout this legislative session.
If you’re available, we would appreciate members coming to the capitol the morning of April 2 and registering in support of the bill, without giving testimony in front of the committee.
For more information, contact David Glenn, Director of Government Relations and Policy at