February 22, 2019

Promiseland Project Needs Your Help!

As you may have read in the January/February issue of Texas Builder Magazine, the HBA of San Angelo and the Texas Builders Foundation built “America’s Front Porch” for Roy Spence’s Promiseland Project. Spence was a keynote speaker at last year’s Sunbelt Builders Show in Dallas speaking about the Promiseland Project, a long-term marketing and grassroots campaign to unleash the power of Purpose to bridge the cultural divide in America. The first step is to create a forum – America’s Front Porch – where all kinds of people, from all walks of life, can sit together and talk and listen to one another, as neighbors.

One of the primary tenets of The Promiseland Project is that we need to actively walk in each other’s shoes to build bridges of empathy between individuals and communities. To bring this tenet to life and put boots on the ground, the Promiseland Project will be traveling to cities, big and small, across the country to host conversations on America’s Front Porch.

Our first visit was selected when one dart was thrown by the one and only Matthew McConaughey during founder Roy Spence’s keynote speech at SXSW, and it landed right on Watford City, North Dakota. TAB enlisted the help of the state and local associations in North Dakota to help them erect and take down the porch, and 8 of their builders from around the state came to help the 5 Texans that included Scott Norman and Lorraine Urey. Read About that HERE.

TAB needs the help from 6 or 7 (or more) of our builder and/or trades members to help them assemble a porch on Saturday, March 9 in Austin. Spence is presenting at SXSW, and has asked that TAB bring the porch to Austin. It will be built across the street from Moonshine Restaurant at 3rd and Red River, behind the convention center. They need volunteers to assist in the Austin build (and disassembly on Weds., March 13). Michael Biggerstaff is a builder coming from San Angelo, but he can’t build the porch alone!

Contact Holly M. Davis, Director of Public Affairs if you can help! Watch a video HERE for more information on the Promiseland Project.