February 22, 2019

HBA Staff attends NAHB Meetings at IBS

At International Builders Show last week, HBA government affairs team met with other government affairs and public relations professionals from across the country

Prior to the International Builders Show, the NAHB facilitated a roundtable discussion for government affairs professionals from state and local associations across the country.  In this meeting, representatives from each association shared challenges facing their builders as well as solutions to problems that other associations are encountering.

“It was really interesting to hear that other cities and states are dealing with similar issues that we’re seeing locally,” said David Glenn, HBA Director of Government Relations and Policy.  “I was excited to learn about the many different ways that one issue can be addressed.  I left the meeting with a number of creative solutions that might one day help resolve some of our issues in central Texas.”

Staff attended the BuildPAC meeting, where NAHB gave an update on their campaign efforts in 2018, siting the $3.1 million raised last cycle that helped them endorse 245 candidates across the country with an 85% win rate.  Membership approved the financial requests for those in US Senate and House leadership.

During the Local Government Affairs Committee, members stressed the importance of supporting the Association’s political efforts at the local, state, and national levels. Pollsters reported back how important it was for our membership to have buy-in for our advocacy efforts. 96% of poll respondents believed our local HBA should be the voice of housing as local builders have credibility on elections with their neighbors.

At the Public Affairs Committee meeting, NAHB staff shared their media successes for the past year, including landing a regular spot to talk about housing on a national telecast. NAHB will debuting a new website later this year and they are focusing on increasing their social media presence through videos.

New NAHB Chair, Greg Ugalde stopped by the various committee meetings, sharing his focus on housing affordability for 2019, and his focus on NAHB being the trusted and reliable primary source of housing news.

For more information, contact David Glenn, Director of Government Relations and Policy or Holly M. Davis, Director of Public Affairs & HomePAC.