January 10, 2019

Ross Britton Speaks with KLBJ AM on Housing Industry Issues

Labor Shortages in the Housing Industry

Austin home builders are still looking for proper levels of workers.

Home Builders Association of Greater Austin Board member Ross Britton said the labor problem, be it skilled or not, has been plaguing them for years and is only getting worse as experienced workers retire and not enough people refill the ranks. He said there is significant problem with a lack of vocational training across the country. At the industry level he believes it needs to step up on recruitment and show non-college students across Texas, what the home builder industry has to offer by way of a career.
Britton explained the shortage is statewide but more noticeable in Austin, San Antonio and Houston because the work is more plentiful.  STORY


Builders Prepare for the 86th Legislative Session

With the Texas Legislature kicking off Tuesday, Home Builder Association of Greater Austin Board Member Ross Britton says the industry needs to reach out and educate lawmakers about their labor problems and suitable answers.
Britton believes outreach is best, for now, hoping for grant money so home builders can go to schools and tell kids about what that career can offer them. STORY