January 4, 2019

Member Spotlight – Cover Glass

Cover Glass began redefining architectural possibilities for homeowners and businesses over 30 years ago in Finland. Since then, their Frameless Sliding Glass Doors — which operate at the highest level of appearance and performance —have been pioneering the Doors and Windows industry with an “open concept” glass door system that is unlike any other on the planet. 

Opening to either the inside or the outside, each glass panel slides individually to the left or to the right, allowing the user to partially or completely open the system. From private homes to restaurants and storefronts, to office buildings and high rise condos, customers simply love the ability to enjoy their space in an innovative, flexible and beautiful way.  .

Now, with representation in over 25 countries worldwide, Cover Glass Texas, LLC is proud to officially unveil its glass system to the Texas market (Austin is its first official home in the state) where the distribution facility will be serving the community and demoing the product for interested buyers in the custom home builders community.  Whether residential or commercial, new construction or remodel, Cover Glass Texas promises to inspire ingenuity in both design and performance in The Lone Star State.  

For a revolutionary solution that allows you to take full advantage of the space you have, we invite you to consider HBA member Cover Glass Texas, LLC.