January 3, 2019

City of Austin Hires Rodney Gonzales as New Assistant City Manager

Rodney Gonzales, the former director of Austin Development Services Department, has been named assistant city manager in charge of departments and projects focused on economic opportunity and affordability.

That purview covers a wide range of activities, such as overseeing planning and zoning, real estate services, resources for small and minority-owned businesses, development services, neighborhood housing and community development, telecommunications, regulatory affairs and the Austin Convention Center.

The hires are the first steps by City Manager Spencer Cronk to reorganize his executive team with assistant city managers focused on the city’s strategic goals. That effort, announced over the summer, meant that existing assistant city managers had to apply for new roles alongside other candidates.

Gonzales has been instrumental in clearing bureaucratic red tape throughout the Development Services Department and intends to take his customer-centered mindset with him to the Assistant City Manager position.

For more information, contact David Glenn, Director of Government Relations and Policy at david@hbaaustin.com.