November 2, 2018

Round Rock Impact Fees…the Saga Continues

Round Rock City Council votes down current impact fee plan and will bring forward a new one this week

After receiving feedback from the HBA and other property owners, the Round Rock City Council decided not to move forward with the proposed roadway impact fee plan.  The council directed city staff to create a new plan and share it with stakeholders in advance of their upcoming 12/6 workshop, where the new plan will be discussed.

There are no concrete details about the new plan, but the HBA has been told that the plan will include a two-year implementation delay and a gradual “step-up” fee increase each year.  The council will reserve the right to gauge the state of the economy and delay each annual step-up as needed.  The maximum step fee amount is anticipated to be less than 100% of the maximum impact fee calculation. 

The council will not act on the new plan until the first quarter of 2018.

For more information, contact David Glenn, Director of Government Relations and Policy at