October 5, 2018

City of Austin releases draft of proposed International Wildland Urban Interface Code

For several months, the City of Austin has working on its version of the ICC’s International Wildland Urban Interface Code, or the WUI for short.  The standard version of the code is complicated and includes prescriptive construction techniques that would greatly impact a builder’s ability to build an affordable home.  Last week, the city issued its first draft of the code, which reflects many of the changes and recommendations from the HBA.  Some highlights include:

  • A simplified code with fewer construction classes
  • Relaxed requirements on the type of materials that must be used during construction
  • Shorter distances from wildland areas where the code will be in effect
  • An overlay map that was reduced to more accurately reflect the wildfire risk in Austin

The HBA will continue to provide feedback on the draft, before the code goes before the Building & Fire Board of Appeals in November.