June 27, 2018

How to Establish and Maintain Positive Media Relationships – and Why it’s Important

From Anthony Barnum

Audiences perceive organic media coverage, often referred to as earned media, as the most authentic form of marketing and one of the most trusted, influential sources of information. In today’s digital landscape, audiences are inundated with content, making it more difficult for businesses, especially those with complex messaging, to stand out. 81 percent of seasoned marketers believe earned media has a stronger impact than paid media. In fact, 64 percent of today’s web traffic comes from organic search, while just 6 percent comes from paid advertising. Earned media is increasingly outperforming paid content, and B2B companies must fine-tune their outreach strategies by creating stable relationships with key media contacts.

Fostering relationships with journalists, editors and producers is a crucial component of success for any business, but for industry innovators, it absolutely cannot be overlooked. This strategy can help companies become the go-to resource for their industry, which in turn builds credibility and influence. The more a company is highlighted in the media for its business development, accomplishments or expertise, the more valuable the company’s insight becomes to the rest of the media ecosystem, thus driving conversions. Read More.