July 21, 2017

HBA CodeNEXT task force has concerns about Affordable Housing Density Bonus Program

July 14th was the deadline for the proposed Affordable Housing Density Bonus Program.  The CodeNEXT task force reviewed the program, and found several areas of concern, highlighted below:

Limiting the base entitlement values will result in a net loss of housing units, even with the bonus program. Although some developers may opt to utilize the program, the majority of developers who do not utilize the program and would have otherwise built five, six, or seven-unit projects will now be forced to stop at four.

Although the program allows for an additional half-story in the T4 zones, this square footage is relatively nonfunctional and undesirable as a living space. HBA would like to see an option to expand the building envelope in order to better accommodate both market rate and affordable units.

The HBA’s comments on the Affordable Housing Density Bonus Program can be found here.