February 9, 2017

Seizing a Missed Opportunity: Builders Can Improve Following-Up On Leads

By Mike Lyon, Contributing Editor to Professional Builder

Here’s a shocker: From 2012 to 2015, 40 percent of those who filled out a request for information (name, phone number, email address, and a specific question) on a builder’s website never got a return email. What’s worse, more than 70 percent of those online leads never got a single phone call. And a mere 3 percent of the 800-plus online secret shops conducted during those four years resulted in more than one phone call and two emails over a 30-day period.

For the last five years, Do You Convert and Lasso CRM have partnered on an annual research project to analyze home builders and developers across North America. We study builder follow-up with sales prospects who have requested additional information on the builder’s website, and each year’s data has shown that our industry has yet to understand the potential revenue from those searching for a home online.

The goal of this year’s study was to go beyond simply testing the quantity of the follow-up occurring and to begin to understand the quality of the follow-up that was being done. The results were no less surprising.

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