August 9, 2016

Home Builders Association provides guide to water conservation using native landscape techniques

As Home Builders we play an important role in the story of water conservation. Home builders recognize the need for a change in the landscape site plan for the region. History has shown that a hodge-podge of individual, and often conflicting, rules created by various local government entities to address such issues often make complying difficult, if not impossible; often with steep financial costs. We have the opportunity to affect positive changes in landscape behaviors that will help conserve our water resources for their intended purpose. Understanding that water is meant to protect our health is key to initiating this change. Dumping billions of gallons of treated water on landscapes makes no sense when we consider its expense and impact on the environment, not to mention that many times the application is wasteful. So how do we become part of the solution? How do we balance the water needs of our growing communities with the landscaping our customers have come to expect? We can answer these questions by taking a look at the natural landscapes around us.

Native landscape pallets are beautiful. When done correctly they can be maintained with less effort, using less water. As builders, we can offer customers more landscape options suited for central Texas and share our knowledge with them. By doing so we position ourselves at the forefront of fostering positive attitudes about landscaping with native plants, promote water conservation and can cause a paradigm shift in the home building industry.

Published in 2015 with the help of former HBA President Hank Smith of Texas Engineering Solutions, in collaboration with the City of Austin, Lower Colorado River Authority, Coleman and Associates Landscape Architects, RVI Planning, and others, the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Greater Austin’s “Sensible Landscaping Plan” contains a manual, several checklists and a host of resource materials. The manual includes information that will help both homebuilders and homeowners make the right decisions for installing landscapes. You will find a summary of regulations and tips for success. The checklists provide step-by-step guidance to help you stay on track. The maintenance checklist will help homeowners better understand their irrigation system, watering, sunlight requirements, and information to make their landscape a success. There are also landscaping design templates, irrigation regulations?and recommendations.

To get your copy of the HBA’s Sensible Landscaping Plan for Central Texas, click here

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