July 17, 2015

City of Austin’s plan to improve costly permitting delays and customer service issues a step in the right direction

New shift toward providing solutions welcomed by home builders

Austin, TX (July 17, 2015) – A recent review of the City of Austin’s Planning and Zoning Department, called the Zucker report, exposed unimaginable inefficiencies, permit delays, customer service problems and more. These issues lead to a permit backlog longer than any other city (of comparable size) in the U.S.; resulting in costly and frustrating delays by the region’s home builders and ultimately homeowners.

The City of Austin recently released its plan to address the issues outlined in the Zucker Report, including a roadmap to implement the Report’s recommendations.

The Home Builders Association (HBA) of Greater Austin applauds the drive towards solutions. “The ‘priorities will be solved’ attitude will be the main catalyst for success,” said Emily Lubbers, HBA chief executive officer. “We agree with their conclusion regarding the city code being ‘cumbersome and conflicting’ and will continue to be involved in the CodeNEXT process,” she said.

The mission of the HBA is to promote, protect and educate its members and inform the home buying public. “What that means for us is for all of our efforts, whether it be with the industry, the home buying public, or policy makers; are working to create an environment that keeps homeownership attainable and affordable,” said Lubbers.